With growing concerns around novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and out of an abundance of caution the City of Markham Community Centres, Libraries and Culture sites are closed until further notice. All programs and services permits offered at community centres, libraries and culture sites are cancelled during this time period.

Drop-in Adult Shinny

Drop-in adult shinny is a casual game of hockey. It is open to people 16 years of age or older. Shinny can have up to 20 players plus 2 goalies. This is a first-come, first-served program, and you can only sign up or get tickets 30 minutes before you start.

Skating Fees:

All fees are effective as of September 1, 2019.

Participant Per Skate 10-Ticket
Child, 15 and younger $2.75 $24.60
Adult, 16 and older $4.70 $42.20
Senior, 65 and older $3.30 $29.60
Family (Up to six people — minimum one adult with one child, maximum two adults with four children) $11.50 $103.40

Important Considerations

  • Wheelchairs are welcome in all recreational skates.
  • Sometimes we need to cancel due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Please allow 10 minutes of each hour to repair the ice.
  • The minimum age for Adult Shinny is 16 years.
  • Adult shinny players must wear a C.S.A. approved hockey helmet.
  • We recommend that all recreational skaters wear a C.S.A. approved hockey helmet.
  • Our Family Stick & Puck program is a fun way to learn how to shoot, pass and handle a stick. Everyone must wear a helmet in this program (both adults and children). No scrimmages are allowed. Children and parents must play together. No children will be allowed on the ice by themselves and no adults are allowed on the ice without a child. You will need to pay the Family Rate (see below) to participate.
  • The Family Rate includes a maximum of 6 people (no more than 2 adults, and children must be 15 years of age or younger).

Outdoor Skating Rink Information

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Skate Rental Information

Please visit www.markhamskaterentals.com for information on skating rentals.