• Aldergrove Park | Map

Location: On Aldergrove Drive, South of Denison Street

This 4.27 hectare (10.6 acre) park is bordered by Aldergrove Public School and St. Benedict Catholic School. The park has benches, walkways in addition to a baseball diamond, playground and 2 mini and 1 full size soccer fields.

  • Armadale Park | Map

Location: South of Denison Street, West of McCowan Road at Armadale Community Centre (2401 Denison Street)

This 5.7 hectare (14.1 acre) park has 1 baseball diamond, playground, 2 soccer fields, 4 tennis courts and a half basketball court, connected by a pathway system. The park is also home to the Armadale Tennis Club.

  • Clark Young Woods | Map

Location: On Birchmount Road, just North of 14th Avenue

This 3.1 hectare (7.66 acre) park contains a peaceful woodlot and pathway.

  • Denison Park | Map

Location: On the North side of Denison Street at Mallory Avenue, just East of Kennedy Road

This 2.56 hectare (6.32 acre) park contains a baseball diamond, basketball court, playground and an attractive picnic area.

  • Elson Park | Map

Location: On Elson Street, East of Middlefield Road

This 5.48 hectare (13.5 acre) neighbourhood park contains a baseball diamond, soccer field and basketball court, in addition to a natural woodlot. A walkway through Elson Park connects these facilities with benches and picnic tables.

  • Highgate Park | Map

Location: Highgate Drive, East of Birchmount Road

This 4.39 hectare (10.8 acre) park has 1 lighted baseball diamond, a playground, 1 soccer field and 6 tennis courts.

Location: On Elson Street, across from James Edward Public School

This 3.7 hectare (9.14 acre) park holds a baseball diamond, soccer field and a playground as well as a waterplay area, walkways, benches and a drinking fountain.

  • Milliken Mills Park | Map

Location: South of the Kennedy Road and 14th Avenue intersection

This 31.1 hectare (76.8 acre) park is bordered to the east by a Milliken Mill Community Centre, McDonalds's restaurant and Milliken Mills High School. It features 5 lighted baseball diamonds, 5 soccer fields (1 lighted), a playground, a water play facility and 2 basketball courts. In addition, it has playgrounds and picnicking. Park at the Milliken Mills Community Centre.

  • Risebrough Park | Map

Location: On Risebrough Circuit, North of Empringham Crescent

This 3.24 hectare (8 acre) park has 2 baseball diamonds, and a picnic shelter

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