• Bayview Reservoir | Map

Location: Southeast corner of Bayview Avenue and Sycamore Drive, North of Thornlea Secondary School.

This 11.4 hectare (28 acre) park also serves as a water reservoir for the Thornhill community. Five soccer and two baseball (1 lighted) fields are found in the park, along with a playground. Ample parking. The adjacent Thornlea Secondary School has tennis courts and an indoor pool.

  • Bishop's Cross Park
    Location: North of John Street, East of Leslie Street, East of R. J. Clatworthy Arena

This 8 hectare (19 acre) park has two lighted baseball and soccer field, as well as a large playground. Numerous tournaments are held here, and it is the home for the Thornhill Soccer Club and Thornhill Baseball.

  • German Mills Settlers Park | Map
    Location: South of John Street, West of Leslie Street

This 26 hectare (65 acre) natural area park is part of the German Mills Creek system. Within this peaceful walking area, a new gazebo commemorates the Millennium, the park has been planted over the past number of years by the Thornhill Summit Scouts. The open area on the West side of the creek was a gravel pit and a landfill site.

  • Grandview Park | Map

Location: Grandview Avenue, West of Henderson Road

This 3.25 hectare (8 acre) park has two ball diamonds (1 lighted), 2 lit tennis courts, playground and a woodlot.

  • Huntington Park | Map

Location: Huntington Park Drive, East of Lambert Road

This 11 hectare (27 acre) park has one ball diamond with lights, and two soccer fields (1 lit), junior and senior playgrounds, 0.7 kilometres of pathyways and naturalized areas.

  • Pomona Mills Park | Map

Location: North side of John Street, East and West of Henderson Avenue

This beautiful 4.68 hectare (11.6 acre) park is located within the East Don River Valley.  It has a soccer pitch, playground, pathways and is home to the Pomona Valley Tennis Club. The Pomona Mills Park Conservationists adopted the park through the City’s adopt-a-park program in 1999.  This volunteer group has organized annual community litter clean ups and native restoration plantings since its inception. The Thornhill Meadow, at the west side of the park, is a significant pollinator meadow complete with native wildflowers and milkweed, helping to attract Monarch butterflies.

  • Royal Orchard Park | Map

Location: North side of Royal Orchard, North and South of Kirk Drive, East of Baythorn Drive

This section of the East Don River has a 0.75 kilometre peaceful riverside pathway. The park has been adopted by the 7th Thornhill Scouts.

  • Thornlea East Park

Location: East side of Green Lane, East of Leslie Street

This 5.5 hectare (13 acre) park is located by Little German Mills Creek, and has a playground, and soccer field.

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