Location: North of Highway # 7, South of Austin Drive between the Kennedy By-pass and Bullock Drive

This 5.58 hectare (13.8 acre) park is made of a large open space that contains a portion of the Rouge River, a wooded area, and two water bodies, the larger one to the east known as Waldon Pond. It is also the site of a forest regeneration area, with 2 kilometres of pathways. This is a lovely park for walking, running, and bird watching.

Location: South of Carlton Road, West of the Village Parkway

This 7.28 hectare (18 acre) park has features such as a lighted baseball diamond, soccer field, playground and 9 tennis courts and is considered a high-use recreational park.

Location: Northwest corner of McCowan and Bullock Drive, it is adjacent to Centennial Community Centre (8600 McCowan Road) and North of Markville Shopping Centre

This 8 hectare (20 acre) park features two lighted ball diamonds, one soccer field and two play areas.

Location: East of Crosby Community Centre, (210 Main Street Unionville)

This 3.85 hectare (9.51 acre) park is bordered by Parkview Public School, Crosby Memorial Arena and Community Centre and the Unionville Curling club. Features include 3 baseball diamonds and a soccer field.

Location: North and South of John Button Boulevard, South of 16th Avenue

This naturalized 4.05 hectare (10 acre) park is an open space with pathways that connect from Apple Creek north to 16th Avenue.

Location: Beside the Markham Civic Centre at Town Centre Boulevard and Highway 7

This 11.5 hectare (28.3 acre) park features and impressive reflecting pond, fountain and extensive pathway system.

Location: On Waterbridge Lane, North of Heatherwood Crescent

This 3.1 hectare (7.66 acre) park is bordered by St. Matthew's Catholic School and combines both active and passive activities. Active facilities, including a baseball diamond and soccer field, are located near the north end of the park, and a natural area to the east.

Location: On Carlton Road, West of McCowan

This 4.94 hectare (12.2 acre) active community park features junior and senior playgrounds, soccer field, a soccer field and 0.7 kilometres of pathways.

Location: between Carlton Road and Kennedy Road, behind Unionville Public School

This 33.3 hectare (82.3 acre) park features a partially naturalized pond and marsh. A walkway circles the pond - a popular spot for leisurely walks. The pond has also recently undergone a Sediment Removal and Restoration Project including sediment removal, restoration of the shoreline, community plantings of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers and cascading pools to accommodate migrating fish.

Location: 18th Avenue (Elgin Mills Road East) and Woodbine Avenue

This 5.74 hectare (14.2 acre) park is used most often for its 2 baseball diamonds (1 lighted) and playground.

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