The safety of everyone at the program is our number one priority. Please read the following to help your child have a smooth transition back to in-person programs and allow everyone to have a safe and enjoyable program.

  • Arrive early on site and show your child the safe spaces in the centre

  • Tell them about the screening protocols that are in place and what to expect (for example: temperature checks)

  • Practice proper hand washing at home

  • When hand washing is not available, practice using hand sanitizer .

  • Practice physical distancing (teach them what is a safe distance and how to follow visual markings when present)

  • Teach them what is a face covering or mask and that people are using them to keep clean and safe

  • Face masks or face coverings are required indoors, they are not required when participating in physical activities

  • Remind children to avoid touching their face and encourage them to practice “catching” their cough or sneeze in their elbow

  • Remind children to recognize their own personal belongings and to use them when needed

  • Remind them not to touch other people’s belongings

  • Talk about patience with new routines, environments and new program instructors

  • Encourage them to ask questions and reassure them that safety measures and program leaders are here to keep them safe

  • Learn more about supporting families and children and resources about COVID-19 and children

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