• Public health guidelines and protocols will be in place, including:

    • Screening protocols

    • Physical distancing on the pool deck and in the water

    • Limited number of participants

    • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures

  • A mask or face covering is required at all times, except when swimming

  • Swimmers will be guided to the hand washing and/or hand sanitizing station pre and post screening/assessment and prior to participating in the activity

  • Follow all safety and directional signage

  • Swimmers must arrive in their swimming attire

  • Swimmers must shower at home prior to attending the swim

  • Indoor change rooms are available when exiting the pool, lockers and showers are not available

  • Personal belongings can be placed on the pool deck at designated area for each individual

  • Swimmers must keep a safe distance from others (2 metres or 6 feet) on the pool deck and in the water

  • Number of swimmers per swim is restricted to maintain physical distancing in the water

  • Lifeguards are not responsible for ensuring physical distancing

  • Following the pool rental, equipment will be sanitized and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected

  • In the event a water rescue or first aid is required to be performed by a lifeguard, personal protective equipment and specialized devices will be used at the first available opportunity

  • In some instances, a close contact rescue will be required and lifeguards will use their best judgement to perform the rescue and maintain physical distancing

  • Swimmers are encouraged to check emails prior to leaving for their swim to receive the latest updates about the booking (if applicable)

  • View the latest COVID-19 updates at york.ca/covid19 and/or markham.ca/covid19

On-site screening:

Please complete COVID-19 online screening process upon arrival at a City facility or amenity.

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