Inclusion Services & Financial Assistance

All of the City of Markham's recreation programs are accessible for all abilities.

The City offers:

  • adapted programs,
  • one-to-one summer camp inclusion staff, and
  • program inclusion volunteer.

Families are always welcome to provide their own inclusion support person for participants.

For more information about inclusion services, please contact Portia Lee at 

How do I know if additional support is required?

Extra support may be required for camp or program participation if:

  • Extra support is required at school in the classroom.
  • A physical, development, and or learning disability exists.
  • Extra support is needed at home for basic care (toileting, feeding, changing, etc).
  • Participant has a safety plan in place with their educational institution.
  • There are behaviours that need to be managed that could affect the safety of the participant or other participants, such as biting, pinching, slapping, or running.

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