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We're working to keep children active now, and throughout their life. Thanks to funding from the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund (OSRCF) and the RBC Learn to Play Project, the Markham in Motion program lets us develop new sports and activities that keep kids fit and supports them to be active for life.

How Markham in Motion Helps Kids

When kids are active, they become more confident. They're also more likely to live healthier lives as they grow. By doing the things that kids love – like hopping, skipping, throwing, catching, and jumping – children learn how to move well. They also learn how to apply those skills to other activities.

Get Involved!

Give your child the best start in school, sport, and life by signing them up for a City of Markham recreation program. We keep kids moving on land, in water, and on ice. Children can play, practice, and have fun!

Look for the Markham In Motion "M" symbolsymbol in Markham Life magazine to find programs that will help your kids stay active and healthy.

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