Community ice rinks across Markham are made possible thanks to inspired, community-spirited volunteers who work with the City to create and maintain their quality and safety. 

Hours of operation are subject to ice and weather conditions. Please skate at your own risk.



The Mews Park

115 Country Glen Road


Legacy Park

51 Legacy Drive

Reesor Park

159 Ramona Boulevard

Robinson Park

46 Robinson Street


Bayview Glen Park

48 Lincombe Drive

Franklin Carmichael Park

277 Green Lane

Grandview Park

120 Grandview Avenue


Angus Glen Village Green

60 Prospectors Drive


Ice Safety Tips:

  • Keep in mind when the rinks are new, the ice needs time to harden. Please do not go through the fencing before it is removed. Breaking the ice too soon prolongs the process for everyone.
  • Make sure children wear a helmet on the ice. It’s easy to slip and fall.
  • Skate in the same direction as everyone else on the ice. Slower skaters should skate to the sides of the rink.


  • Skating rinks are dependent on the ice and weather conditions and are monitored daily by City staff
  • A minimum of 19 centimetres or 7 and a half inches of solid ice with no surface water, or melting edges is required to open the ponds for safe public skating

Safety first!

  • Yellow Flag = Skate at your own risk
  • Red flag = Skating not permitted